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Paul Ryan Shirtless – Why do People Care about it?

When Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential candidate was Paul Ryan, people went to Google to find out who Paul Ryan is. After typing the name in search, the third entry that showed was, “Paul Ryan Shirtless.” Of course, that got the internet a buzzin. Why “Paul Ryan Shirtless” showed up Paul Ryan works out. In fact, he apparently uses the Tony Horton P90x workout system to stay fit. This is an at-home system that gives you an intense workout and in return a great looking body. Ryan is 42 and some people don’t believe it. He does look 5-10...

World For Sale – $100 a pop 5

World For Sale – $100 a pop

Remember when we had the Million dollar Homepage? Well, a new entrepraneur is trying a new twist on the old idea. World For Sale is a new twist on the same idea. The difference is you are buying a part of the world. Only difference? $100 a pop. At least the Million Dollar Homepage was $1. I can understand $10, but $100? You can place your logos on the map if they are available. The spots on the map will be available for the next 10 years, possibly longer if they feel like it. Of course, they say they are...