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Inflatable bed extended 212

Inflatable Car Beds for You or Your Pet

Alibaba posted these pictures for inflatable beds for your back seat. They include an extra inflatable area that covers the legroom of the back seat. This would be perfect for those cars whose back seats would not extend backward. Simply inflate the bed with a car charged air hose. When it’s time to get some z’s, simply put the pillow down and sleep. Unfortunately it doesn’t help with the length of the car, so you taller folks will have to bend the legs. If you are on road trips, this is a great way to sleep in the car at...

The Lidwig Claw – A Useful Clamp 177

The Lidwig Claw – A Useful Clamp

I remember when the CableCuffs showed up – being able to wrap a cable and hold it down with the cuff was a great invention. It was like Velcro, but it’s locking mechanism made it more useful in some situations. So now, picture a cuff on a hanger… That is the Claw by Lidwig, a company that creates quick clamp technology. The Quick Clamps are great for woodworking, but the Claw is something for the everyday household. Got a Garden hose, rope, air hose or other cable? Well, just wrap it up, put it on the Claw and hang it...