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Episode 2: The Empire Struzan Disney

Yesterday was the big news day, when it was announced that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars Episode VII. Now the fans and bloggers and everyone in between is picking this news apart, trying to figure out how Abrams style will look in a galaxy far, far away. Except for more lights blinding the audience in each shot, and some shaky camera work, no one will come close to guessing anything, and it will be two to five years before the wait is over, and we find out if the episode x11 is a confusing plot on an island, or just...

This is Like… So Cool! 1

This is Like… So Cool!

This post was republished to restore lost posts. Thanks Google Cache that helped me recreate. One of my favorite sites for finding great dorky stuff is Like Cool. A sweet weblog with pictures and video of some of the coolest stuff out there! From gadgets to home stuff to Entertainment, if it screams awesome to you, it is here! Looking for a cool clock? Want to see what Darth Vader was oriinally going to look like? DJ Cassette tape scratcher? Yeah, they got it! Another great site for cool is Epic Win! If you have seen ‘Failblog’ then this, my friend, is the...

Phaser! 2


Scientists have shown off an effect not unlike that of the “phasers” in the show Star Trek – but- hold yer tricorder there, Trekfan! it only works on tiny worms called nematodes. The worms were fed a molecule that, when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, changes its shape. Then they exposed to UV light, and they exhibited paralysis. When the worms were again exposed to visible light, they regained their ability to move. So, no handheld phasers yet, but maybe someday… Meanwhile, keep practicing that Vulcan neck pinch there, sport! Related articles Star Trek tricorder jumble sale discovery (guardian.co.uk) R2-D2...

Drawing Manga 256

Drawing Manga

Did you ever draw that Zippy character? The turtle you would see in the back of magazines next to the pirate? How’d ya do? Well, if you can do that, then maybe you can get into the high stakes world of Manga. A Mangaka is a Manga artist. Manga is a Japanese cartoon art that came out of World War II.A Mango is a type of fruit. So enough of this. How do you Manga? A step to the left, a step to the right? Not exactly. In fact, if you really want to read about how, check out this...

The People Clock 1

The People Clock

What time is it, Mr Fox? Well, now you can find out just by going to http://billychasen.com/clock/. And the best part is you can see people contorted in ways that you haven’t since high school. It’s a simple flash script that displays a clock as done by Billy Chasen. He is an artist that takes science and technology to different levels as he turns them into art. The “Exploded iPod” encased in resin and the LCD monitor visualization fish tank are a couple creations. Billychasen.com is his website.

Everybody Bomomo! 5

Everybody Bomomo!

OK, so it’s not a common thing like Rhumba, but if you are bored out of your skull and want to make some cool pop art, then Bomomo is for you. What is it? Well it’s a little flash program that lets you create art without the mess of paint, chalk or (in my case) crayons. It gives you pattern-istic brushes and you use them to create ideas in the LCD canvas. Oh, you can try to make something recognizable by most, but the best you can do is a colorful Rorschach test. Best part is you can save you...

Dirty Art 214

Dirty Art

Welcome to Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art Gallery. He’s taken the sidewalk chalk medium, the etch-o-sketch medium and the fun world of ‘wash me’ art, and blended them into a fantastic voyage into the beauty of dirty automobiles! Got a filthy window? Wanna make it look really fun and exciting? Scott Wade has raised the bar! With brushes in tow, he’ll paint a masterpiece onto something only the rain can put down. Scott’s website offers a photo gallery of his work, as well as a synopsis of him and his talent. There is also contact information about appearance and advertising...