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Steve Reed - Weber Cooks 194

Steven Reed: Weber Cooks Melancholic Dishes in the Microwave

When I first saw this I thought of the Leonard frozen pizza review videos from the TV show Community. Steven Reed is a guy who seems to be one breath away from death but he still goes on by doing his own cooking show. Guy Fietti watch out! Best part of this cooking show? There is no stove. There is no expensive cooking utensils. There is a microwave and some dollar store plateware (I should know – I have those bowls). This video was how to make Chili & Cheese Nacho dip. Basically it involves: Go to Kroger and get...

Holy Guacamole! Han Solo Dip Tray. 25

Holy Guacamole! Han Solo Dip Tray.

Not a big Guacamole fan, but I would get behind this: Robert Saccenti put together a bowl for his favorite food –  Guacamole. Actually, this was for the infamous GuacBowl 09 – a contest to build the best condiment dipper. [/caption] There were 32 entries, but Robert took top honors with his Carbonite – turned Guacamole Han Solo. Greedo would have been proud. In fact, maybe that is what he said to Solo in the Cantina instead of “Going Somewhere Solo?” Maybe it was: “I am going to capture you so Jabba can turn you into a cool new bowl...