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Happy Birthday, Orville Redenbacher 140

Happy Birthday, Orville Redenbacher

This post was republished to restore lost posts. Thanks Google Cache that helped me recreate. Although Orville had passed away in 1995, we still enjoy his popcorn. Therefore, we give a shout out to the family and wish Orville Redenbacher a happy BIRF! He would have been 103. Most of us grew up seeing him on many commercials. Always with a bowl of popcorn. So grab yourself a bag and celebrate with me Orville Redenbacher and his 103rd birthday!

Urban Camouflage 1

Urban Camouflage

Get this: you walk in a store, you see a bunch of folders overflowing in a bin. You steer around it as so not to run over the folders – but the mound starts to move. You step back as the pile of folders stands up and starts walking toward you. Just as you cowar back, the Red Power Ranger shows up and a major ninja fight scene happens. Well, maybe not. But that first part can happen. At Urban Camoflauge, you can see the “Folder Guy” unfold. There is also the “Box Guy” and the “Handbag Guy”. The idea...