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Why this Should NOT be made into a Series

The interwebz are abuzz with Disney’s announcement that the ‘Star Wars’ is branching out into the world of spin-offs. Every character from Boba Fett to Yoda has been hinted at, and yesterday they made official that a Boba Fett and Han Solo would be getting their shot at it. If successful, there would be more spin-offs, and you know what that means! How about: 1. Jar-Jar Bink’s place 2. The Misadventures of Sheriff Calrissian 3. The Ewok Variety Show 4. Padme’s Palace 5. The New Adventures of R5-D4 6. CSI: Coruscant 7. The Mace Windu Mysteries 8. Jabba and Co. 9....

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Episode 2: The Empire Struzan Disney

Yesterday was the big news day, when it was announced that J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars Episode VII. Now the fans and bloggers and everyone in between is picking this news apart, trying to figure out how Abrams style will look in a galaxy far, far away. Except for more lights blinding the audience in each shot, and some shaky camera work, no one will come close to guessing anything, and it will be two to five years before the wait is over, and we find out if the episode x11 is a confusing plot on an island, or just...

Darth Vader Crayons 101

Crayon Sets of Star Wars X-Wing Fighter, Darth Vader, R2-D2

Stay on target. Draw within the lines. It’s the same thing, right? Over on Etsy, creator Chalk Scene has taken crayons to a different level. They have created a set of crayons that look like X-Wing fighters. The set comes in 8 different colors, your kids will then use them to draw on paper, walls, the sidewalk, or wherever they can. Star wars X-Wing Fighter crayon set comes with black, white, red, blue, green, brown, yellow and purple X-Wings. The set is non-toxic, 1.5″ long and a half an inch thick. Chalk Scene also makes other Star Wars based crayons, like...

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Cello Wars Fights the Force Using Cellos

What do you get with two cellos, a wookie and Darth Vader? Cello Wars! It’s a battle of the musicians using one of the greatest instruments out there. Add in some cymbals, drums and even an accordian (I didn’t know he could play that)… A well-created piece of video, the Piano Guys have several videos covering popular songs. But none of them used light sabers. The crew consists of Paul Anderson, Tel Stewart, Shane Scott, Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, and Al Van Der Beek. Their vision is to inspire music. They are looking for founders right now.

This is Like… So Cool! 1

This is Like… So Cool!

This post was republished to restore lost posts. Thanks Google Cache that helped me recreate. One of my favorite sites for finding great dorky stuff is Like Cool. A sweet weblog with pictures and video of some of the coolest stuff out there! From gadgets to home stuff to Entertainment, if it screams awesome to you, it is here! Looking for a cool clock? Want to see what Darth Vader was oriinally going to look like? DJ Cassette tape scratcher? Yeah, they got it! Another great site for cool is Epic Win! If you have seen ‘Failblog’ then this, my friend, is the...

Perhaps they can find new ways to motivate… 291

Perhaps they can find new ways to motivate…

Adidas, the big shoe apparel company, is poised to take their product lines to new heights! First, there is the ‘Star Wars’ themed line. It features shoes based on such icons from Darth Vader and princess Leia, to the enigmatic AT-ATs. There are also hoodies, track tops and tees. The force is with you, and available now, fanatic! AND, if you are the kind of person who’s willing to shell out upwards of $100 for those, might I interest you in a game shoe? No, not Basketball! Adidas is also bringing the sneaker into the 21st century with it’s augmented...

THE Original Star Wars Lightsaber Simulator!!! 123

THE Original Star Wars Lightsaber Simulator!!!

What can I say about this amazing site? Have you ever wanted to have a lightsaber duel with yourself? Select from several sabers, from Padawan Anakin to Darth Vader to Count Dukoo! Click, drag, click to ignite and you are now using the Jedi’s legendary weapon of choice! Not as clumsy as the Blaster simulator, but not quite as endearing as a Laser Whip to the arse! Definetly one of the webs most incredibly weird sites!

Pimp My Vader 2

Pimp My Vader

You will succomb to the Dark side of the… wait…. put down that paint can…. NO…. NO!!!!! Well this one is pretty awesome. I first saw it on Geekologie: The Vader Project is a re-imaging project of the famous iconic Star Wars figure. They basically take the shiny black helmet and paint weld and do a lot of other cool and unique things to it. Maybe the guys at Orange County Choppers can make a Vader Chopper? Need more information and some cool photos? Go to the MySpace Page All Photos are also on the Flickr Page