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Most Expensive Hostess Twinkies on eBay 76

Avoid 8 million dollar Twinkie – Make Your Own [How-To]

Of course the public outcry of Twinkiegate has begun. Since Hostess announced they are liquidating, Twinkies have been scooped off shelved and moved to eBay for up toward 8 million dollars. An 8 Million Dollar Twinkie? Actually, four boxes of 10 Twinkies, which makes about 80 Twinkies, or $100,000 a Twinkie (as the “Buy it Now” price). Still, if you need to spend $100 thousand for a Twinkie then I will become your personal Twinkie chef. Better yet, if you can afford 4 boxes of the delicious pastries then you might be able to afford the company. Go buy it....

Cat Headphones 4

Cat Headphones – Why Are They Not Bluetooth? [Video]

Not sure why your cat might need these, but creative agency Rooster NY is making available headphones for cats. Professor Meowington has the cat headphones for $999. Of course, this is kind-of not a real product, this is a creation of Sol Republic. They do have the headphones for sale, but the ebay listing is not doing too well. Could you imagine putting these things on your cat? They wouldn’t last 10 seconds before your cat has them on the floor. Besides, a wired headset? Why not Bluetooth? Would that jack the price up another $1000? I think my cat...

Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions: Bitstrips Style 4

Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions: Bitstrips Style

I remember getting the Mad Magazine. I enjoyed all it had to offer from the cover of Alfred E. Neumann incorporated into the pop cover, to the fold up in back. It was and still is a great magazine. One thing that I enjoyed more was the comics. Spy vs. Spy, Don Martin (He has a Shrine, you know), but just as important was Al Jaffee. He brought a lot of sarcasm to his strips with “Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions”. For instance, you might see someone at the computer and another ask the question: “Are you on Dorkazine.com” The...