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Let’s Go Dancin – FAWM 2009 0

Let’s Go Dancin – FAWM 2009

This is a “Got the music before the lyrics” song. Tried recording in a different way, so it will sound slightly different. Lyrics: Sittin at the homestead – Not sure what to do It’s a Friday night, the air feel right for a party with the group.

Tell Me Why – FAWM 2009 0

Tell Me Why – FAWM 2009

I was working on my solo show for this weekend when this song popped in. It’s mostly a song for a friend who lost someone a long time ago. *Warning* it is one of my darker songs. Lyrics: Just had a hurricane run through my head And I think it’ be better if things were left unsaid Now I’ve fallen from my comfy bed

Snake Oil Man – FAWM 2009 0

Snake Oil Man – FAWM 2009

I was in the Car when I thought up this dittie – Mainly the chorus. It was all about an ad on the radio. It’s a very dark and somber song. Lyrics

Can You Remember – FAWM 2009 0

Can You Remember – FAWM 2009

I can’t remember why I started writing this…. OK, yes I can. I just sat down and wrote – then let the song take it’s own life. Sometimes a song works well when you don’t have a preconceived notion. When I got home I strummed some chords and everything fell in to place. It really is a thinking song. What can you remember in your life? Lyrics

Stay With You – FAWM 2009 0

Stay With You – FAWM 2009

I seem to do my best work while driving. Just today I put together another song in the car. That is why I have a digital recorder in the car. Of course it has a lot of failed attempts – a song about ‘Heated Seats’ come to mind. This song the chorus was created while driving. The rest cultured with the song. Lyrics

I Run – FAWM 2009 1

I Run – FAWM 2009

This song I wrote when I was driving home from a FAWM songwriters showcase. I started doing the breathing as a form of Beatbox. Then the song just came into play – or should I say Ran up on me. Lyrics

TV Show – FAWM 2009 0

TV Show – FAWM 2009

I have decided to add my FAWM progress over here. When I put out a new song, it’ll go up on Dorkazine. FAWM stands for February Album Writing Month – the goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. It has been going on for 4 years. I have done 3 of those. This first song is called “TV Show”. Keep in mind the audio is slapped together quickly. While it doesn’t sound horrible, it isn’t perfect. TV Show Lyrics: