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This is Like… So Cool! 1

This is Like… So Cool!

This post was republished to restore lost posts. Thanks Google Cache that helped me recreate. One of my favorite sites for finding great dorky stuff is Like Cool. A sweet weblog with pictures and video of some of the coolest stuff out there! From gadgets to home stuff to Entertainment, if it screams awesome to you, it is here! Looking for a cool clock? Want to see what Darth Vader was oriinally going to look like? DJ Cassette tape scratcher? Yeah, they got it! Another great site for cool is Epic Win! If you have seen ‘Failblog’ then this, my friend, is the...

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Need a Trailer? How Bout A Coffin.

While I was attending Geek.Kon, I ran across this little item. The guy basically runs around with this item every now and then. He’s rode with the trailer in a couple different parades. Nothing more than moving a Coffin. And it’s not always the same coffin. Apparently, he moves coffins. It does make for good conversation.