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Hurricane simulator 319

Hurricane simulator

I’ve seen some interesting kiosk booths before. The regular photo booth, the one photo booth that sketches out the picture, the penny smasher and the gumball contraption dispenser. Remember the wax animal maker at the zoo? Well this is a new one. It’s called the ‘Hurricane Simulator’. For $2.00, you will get a super fast fan blow air into the booth and “Simulate” a Hurricane. I think I’ll pass on paying $2 to be part of a fake natural disaster.

Tell Me Why – FAWM 2009 209

Tell Me Why – FAWM 2009

I was working on my solo show for this weekend when this song popped in. It’s mostly a song for a friend who lost someone a long time ago. *Warning* it is one of my darker songs. Lyrics: Just had a hurricane run through my head And I think it’ be better if things were left unsaid Now I’ve fallen from my comfy bed