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Perhaps they can find new ways to motivate… 291

Perhaps they can find new ways to motivate…

Adidas, the big shoe apparel company, is poised to take their product lines to new heights! First, there is the ‘Star Wars’ themed line. It features shoes based on such icons from Darth Vader and princess Leia, to the enigmatic AT-ATs. There are also hoodies, track tops and tees. The force is with you, and available now, fanatic! AND, if you are the kind of person who’s willing to shell out upwards of $100 for those, might I interest you in a game shoe? No, not Basketball! Adidas is also bringing the sneaker into the 21st century with it’s augmented...

Internet People 4

Internet People

This was a video that came out about a year ago. However it’s still prevalent to today. It shows us what the Internet has brought us. And although some of it wasn’t so good, some of it was funny and interesting.