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Elf Yourself 2008 131

Elf Yourself 2008

Elf Yourself is back. This time you can chose a few dances. Charleston, Country or Disco versions. Love the Disco version. Check it out at JibJab. ITM – Check out the ones I did. Send your own ElfYourself eCards Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Jib Jab 80

Jib Jab

I remember when Jib Jab started. The videos were really choppy but the content was fun and rang true. The site is political humor and it is hilarious. I would say the mainstream started to catch this site in 2004 with a little short called “This Land is Your Land”. I remember it because our whole office was downloading it and the higher ups had to send out an email asking people not to do so. The short had George Bush and John Kerry singing the popular Woody Guthrie song while cutting down the other candidate. Since then the productions...