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Steve Reed - Weber Cooks 490

Steven Reed: Weber Cooks Melancholic Dishes in the Microwave

When I first saw this I thought of the Leonard frozen pizza review videos from the TV show Community. Steven Reed is a guy who seems to be one breath away from death but he still goes on by doing his own cooking show. Guy Fietti watch out! Best part of this cooking show? There is no stove. There is no expensive cooking utensils. There is a microwave and some dollar store plateware (I should know – I have those bowls). This video was how to make Chili & Cheese Nacho dip. Basically it involves: Go to Kroger and get...

Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions: Bitstrips Style 8

Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions: Bitstrips Style

I remember getting the Mad Magazine. I enjoyed all it had to offer from the cover of Alfred E. Neumann incorporated into the pop cover, to the fold up in back. It was and still is a great magazine. One thing that I enjoyed more was the comics. Spy vs. Spy, Don Martin (He has a Shrine, you know), but just as important was Al Jaffee. He brought a lot of sarcasm to his strips with “Snappy Answers for Stupid Questions”. For instance, you might see someone at the computer and another ask the question: “Are you on Dorkazine.com” The...