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Archie Dies As Battlestar Goes Reboot City

I’m gonna admit, I haven’t picked up a copy of ‘Archie’ comics in years. Just the fact that he is still in high school, when I left 29 years ago, and has been since 1941, kind of weirds me out. So, it’s a bit comforting to me that mortality seems to be in his future. When “Life With Archie” #36 hits shops on July 16, Archie will sacrifice his own life to save a pal. “Life With Archie” has spelled out possible future scenarios for the lovable Archie for several years, and #37 will close out the series. Now, just...

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Batman VS Superman VS Hollywood

For years people have wished that Hollywood would get The Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight together for a film. You know how you have been told ‘be careful what you wish for’? Here is why you are told that. It has been announced that Jessie Eisenberg, (who the kids refer to as ‘Not Micheal Cera’), has been cast as Lex Luthor in the upcoming ‘Batman VS Superman’ movie. That’s right, the guy who followed Woody Harrelson around Zombieland is going sans hair to play one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. Oh, and Jeremy Irons is...

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The Wilhelm scream. If you don’t know what it is, click the prtevious link, and you will go ‘Oh! That!’ It’s a film and television stock sound effect that has been used in more than 200 movies. In 1951 the film Distant Drums was the first to employ the sound. The scream is often used when someone is shot, falls from a great height, or is thrown from an explosion. Most likely voiced by actor and singer Sheb Wooley, the sound is named after Private Wilhelm, a character in The Charge at Feather River, a 1953 western in which the character is shot with an arrow, though it was actually the third...

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2013 Geek Roundup and Awards!

MMXIII-  This was a year of good and bad in the world of Dorkdom. From the Awesomeness of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, to the Crappiness of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, 2013 was a Dork roller-coaster. Speaking of Doctor Who, The newest prince, George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, was born in London, and The Doctor didn’t even pay a courtesy visit. He also didn’t pay his respects to Margaret Thatcher. Many places around the world legalized same sex marriage, paving the way for many more to follow, and the possibility of John Barrowman wedding news to overtake the interwebz....

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The Week In Dorkview

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Kahn, according to Entertainment Weekly, so we will get to see if Chris Pine can make a vain pop out of his forehead too, while screaming the name over a communicator in JJ Abrams upcoming Into Darkness. OK, well, MAYBE he’s playing Kahn. We’ll have to wait and see. And that tops this, the last week of The Walking Dead drought, news in review. Next up is Abrams himself. Now awaiting Trek’s premiere, he readies himself to helm another classic sci-fi project that he probably hasn’t seen before, that being the mighty STAR WARS. This raises the question up...

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Warm Bodies: The Teen Girl Review

Last weekend Warm Bodies, the new zom-com (yeah, I just made a new pop culture reference there) premiered across the nation, taking the box office by storm, to the tune of 20 Million dollars. With less than a week until ‘The Walking Dead’ returns on AMC, I am going through some big time withdrawl. Now, while I love me a zombie movie, and I was all thumbs up for Shawn Of the Dead and Zombieland, this thing just looked too much like Edward Scissorshands meets Twilight for me. So, I sent my teenage daughters (who, by the way, hated Twilight) in to give...

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Superbowl Superheroes

The Superbowl is three days away. Yep. Just three days till we all get to gather ’round the HDTube with our salty snacks and beverages, and enjoy those great commercials! Better still are the special movie trailers that will be premiered! What’s up for 2013 you ask? Well…     IRON MAN 3, which comes out May 3rd. Easily the most anticipated movie this year, next to…     Star Trek Into Darkness, which has given BUZZ a new meaning. And soon, you will all be clamoring to find Sherlock, and see more of the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s role in this...

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100 Spoilers in under 5 minutes

Technically, it’s about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. If you don’t go see a lot of movies, then this one is for you. Two guys spoiling 100 movies – old and new. I say it’s better than Cliff notes. No pricey movie tix – no popcorn in the teeth. Well, I suppose if you want to eat popcorn during that time, you can. See more funny videos at Funny or Die

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Go to Kidsland!

Even Kids need a place to go on the internet. So why not Kidsland? Thinkout Solution LLC, released their first official KidsLand service. With games, movies and activities, this site is set to teach youngsters while keeping them entertained. It looks like a great site. Unfortunately, it does come with a price. $6.95 a month or $62.95 a year, which is a $20 savings. Then again if it helps your kid become more successful in class, then it would be worth it, right? At least the BLOG is free. So your question might be: Is this really a dorky thing?...

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Ebert and Roper Leave Movie Review Show.

It’s a sad day as Roger Ebert, 66, decided to leave the long time running Siskel and Ebert and Roeper. In a statement from Roger on rogerebert.com, he states: After 33 years on the air, 23 of them with Disney, the studio has decided to take the program named “Siskel & Ebert” and then “Ebert & Roeper” in a new direction. I will no longer be associated with it. -Roger Ebert Roger really hasn’t been on the show since 2004 when he underwent cancer treatment. He started his TV career with Gene Siskel when they reviewed movies on PBS for...