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ORU - the Origami Kayak 69

ORU – The Origami Kayak – Folds Nicely to Fit in Car

My girlfriend loves to kayak. When she is done she chains it to a tree so nobody steals the kayak. What if she could take it in to her apartment and store it away until next time? Maybe this will do it. Meet ORU – the Origami Kayak. This will turn from a 12 foot boat into a case the size of a designers portfolio – complete with shoulder strap. The ORU is 25 pounds and only takes 5 minutes to assemble. Therefore you can take it in the house, put it in a car or even take it with...

The AMAZING CD/DVD Paper Case Folding Tutorial! 102

The AMAZING CD/DVD Paper Case Folding Tutorial!

Are your Jewel cases always breaking? Lost the case to your favorite DVD? Need something to put the disk your friend gave you at work (you know, the one with ‘work information on it)? The ancient art of Origami, or paper folding, has at last come to your emotional rescue! Paper CD case, a handy web tool for those who downloaded the ‘Blank sheet of paper’ program! Now you can whip up a quick cover for that presentation disc your taking to your big meeting in Vegas! This has you covered, as well as your data, music and movies! There...