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On A Diet? Try A Cookie! 181

On A Diet? Try A Cookie!

I have seen and heard many different diets, but this one takes the Cake… er…. Cookie. Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet says it will help you curb your hunger, therefore you will loose the pounds. The Cookies come in many flavors and – along with shakes and suppliments – give you a system to shed those pounds. Over 30 years of experience, 50,000 users and a new website at Cookiediet.com,Dr. Siegal has worked hard to get people results. And results he has – some of the Testimonials really want to make me eat cookies. I just wonder if they have them...

Internet People 3

Internet People

This was a video that came out about a year ago. However it’s still prevalent to today. It shows us what the Internet has brought us. And although some of it wasn’t so good, some of it was funny and interesting.