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Suitjamas Pajamas – So You can Get the Deal Done… in Bed

If you are a fan of the TV show How I Met Your Mother, you might have seen where Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) wore this set of pajamas that was a suit. Now you can get that suit. Suit Pajamas, or Suitjamas are available for everyone. You can get a pair in Black & White, Navy Blue/White, or Purple/Grey. You can even get the ducky tie Barney Stinson wore. Get Suitjamas at Amazon Each pair is only $90. Each suit is made of Satin and Silk-like material. Pants feature an elastic waistband and does have pockets. The tie is...

Wear the Metal Detector Sandals, Find the Ca$h! 62

Wear the Metal Detector Sandals, Find the Ca$h!

I was over at the folks house the other day. I noticed in the garage they had a metal detector tucked away.I started thinking of cool things I could find with that metal detector. Then I went back into reality and walked away. I wonder if the reason was I didn’t want to carry around that dorky item. Now I don’t have to. The Metal Detecting Sandals let you walk and find all the cool stuff while your hands are in your pockets. Although some people may think you are on some “Home jail” program and you might get tackled...