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Usagi Yojimbo: Building a Ronin on Bitstrips 3

Usagi Yojimbo: Building a Ronin on Bitstrips

This is the second portrait I made, using Bitstrips (the first was a character named Bone). As with my Superman, the moon prop was a key element in this picture. I started with Usagi’s head. The face was so important. Building the eyes, which would move the viewer to the whole portrait. Also, giving him the fuzzy look. After all, he is a Rabbit! After the face was done, I was home free… right! Turns out the ears were a LOT more difficult than I thought. The end result was worth the effort! Now it got much easier… really! The...

Tell Me Why – FAWM 2009 28

Tell Me Why – FAWM 2009

I was working on my solo show for this weekend when this song popped in. It’s mostly a song for a friend who lost someone a long time ago. *Warning* it is one of my darker songs. Lyrics: Just had a hurricane run through my head And I think it’ be better if things were left unsaid Now I’ve fallen from my comfy bed

The Dark Knight – Bitstrips 135

The Dark Knight – Bitstrips

Batman! My favorite hero in the DC universe! No special powers, just well honed skills, and lotsa cool toys! He’s the everyman hero, so to speak. A real strip down guy! So, I decided to make this portrait as simple as possible. After the hours spent on Superman, I knew that the most demanding part of this picture would be the Bat Symbol. I had done test strips of the ‘S’ shield, but not so with the bat. I was going at this one without practice. Also, there are a number of Bat symbols that have been used. The only...