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Robohand – Etsy meets Trapper John, MD with a 3D Printer

Just like NASA, people are thinking forward to more affordable, better working ideas to help people. Two men, one a special effects artist and the other a woodworker, have built a prosthetic hand for a 5-year-old South African boy named Liam. The boy who was born without fingers on his right hand. His mother came across Ivan Owen and Rich Van As‘ blog. Owen, the effects guy, and Van As, the woodworker who, coincidentally lost his fingers years earlier, used a 3D printer, bits of cable, bungee cord returns, and rubber thimbles, collaborated over the interwebz to lend a hand. The result was...

Super Agent Finger!!! 8

Super Agent Finger!!!

If you were to make lemonade out of lemons, this would be the way to go! Jerry Jalava, A computer programmer in Finland lost his ring finger in a motorcycle accident. Drawing on the world of James Bond, or the 6 Million Dollar Man, perhaps, he was fitted with a prosthetic finger, embedded USB flash drive. The USB connector’s access is behind a ‘rubber nail’. and the “finger” can come off his hand completely, so he can The finger detaches so he can work, while his USB is in port. He’s also planning to get another prosthetic with a shell,...