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Robohand – Etsy meets Trapper John, MD with a 3D Printer

Just like NASA, people are thinking forward to more affordable, better working ideas to help people. Two men, one a special effects artist and the other a woodworker, have built a prosthetic hand for a 5-year-old South African boy named Liam. The boy who was born without fingers on his right hand. His mother came across Ivan Owen and Rich Van As‘ blog. Owen, the effects guy, and Van As, the woodworker who, coincidentally lost his fingers years earlier, used a 3D printer, bits of cable, bungee cord returns, and rubber thimbles, collaborated over the interwebz to lend a hand. The result was...

Zooniverse! 10


This post was republished to restore lost posts. Thanks Google Cache that helped me recreate. For anyone who ever dreamed of being an astrologer, The Zooniverse is the internet’s largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. The Zooniverse began with a single project- Galaxy Zoo. It was launched in July 2007. The Galaxy Zoo team expected a fairly quiet life, but were overwhelmed by the response to the project! Once they’d recovered from their server buckling under the strain, they set about planning the future! Produced, maintained and developed by the Citizen Science Alliance, and working with many academic and...

Phaser! 2


Scientists have shown off an effect not unlike that of the “phasers” in the show Star Trek – but- hold yer tricorder there, Trekfan! it only works on tiny worms called nematodes. The worms were fed a molecule that, when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, changes its shape. Then they exposed to UV light, and they exhibited paralysis. When the worms were again exposed to visible light, they regained their ability to move. So, no handheld phasers yet, but maybe someday… Meanwhile, keep practicing that Vulcan neck pinch there, sport! Related articles Star Trek tricorder jumble sale discovery (guardian.co.uk) R2-D2...