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Awkward Family Photos 58

Awkward Family Photos

You might be looking at your family photo and thinking – Why did I wear THAT sweater? Why did I wear that much makeup? I look like a clown. The whole family looks like clowns. And what the heck was the dog doing in that picture? Well, if you don’t have one of those and would like to scoff at others that do, then check out Awkward Family Photos, a website dedicated to those pictures you want to burn before someone with a scanner gets their hands on it. Teased hair, acid wash jeans, polyester jackets and oversized glasses are...

When Dorky Shows it’s Stuff – Susan Boyle Sings 53

When Dorky Shows it’s Stuff – Susan Boyle Sings

When I first saw Susan, I thought – Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show. Add a little eye shadow, a multi-colored dress and a bad attitude – you have the Administrative Assistant to Craig Ferguson. When she walked on the stage, most people just wrote her off. Expected her to croon, Simon to scoff and her to walk off stage in tears. But this 47 year old did something no nobody expected. What did she do? Let’s just say, she sang better than expected. There is no embeddable video on this – most likely these YouTube videos will go down...