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Robohand – Etsy meets Trapper John, MD with a 3D Printer

Just like NASA, people are thinking forward to more affordable, better working ideas to help people. Two men, one a special effects artist and the other a woodworker, have built a prosthetic hand for a 5-year-old South African boy named Liam. The boy who was born without fingers on his right hand. His mother came across Ivan Owen and Rich Van As‘ blog. Owen, the effects guy, and Van As, the woodworker who, coincidentally lost his fingers years earlier, used a 3D printer, bits of cable, bungee cord returns, and rubber thimbles, collaborated over the interwebz to lend a hand. The result was...

Happy National Be a Dork Day! 196

Happy National Be a Dork Day!

It’s July 15th. National “Be a Dork” day. The day where you can show your true colors. Think of how many things you can do by being a dork. Mow the lawn in your favorite costume. Head to the store and try on those Hello Kitty sunglasses. Show the world you are happy with who you are, and you are not going to change! Have a great day! Dorkazine.

This is Like… So Cool! 1

This is Like… So Cool!

This post was republished to restore lost posts. Thanks Google Cache that helped me recreate. One of my favorite sites for finding great dorky stuff is Like Cool. A sweet weblog with pictures and video of some of the coolest stuff out there! From gadgets to home stuff to Entertainment, if it screams awesome to you, it is here! Looking for a cool clock? Want to see what Darth Vader was oriinally going to look like? DJ Cassette tape scratcher? Yeah, they got it! Another great site for cool is Epic Win! If you have seen ‘Failblog’ then this, my friend, is the...

Time to – Play? Valentines Day Gifts 95

Time to – Play? Valentines Day Gifts

I was stopping by likecool.com, when I came across these two items that just have no business together in a Dorkazine article, but hell, I’m lazy… consider this a short list for Valentine’s day gifts! First up, the controller T-shirt. I saw this, and was reminded of ‘Sheldonshirts.com‘. The picture is of a woman, ’cause the joysticks are… well… it’s a great dork t-shirt, and does come in a man’s version as well. (I don’t know how! Sheesh!) MaryJane is selling this shirt for about $42. Pricey you say? Well, it seems this is the only place to get it. I have...

The Electric Guitar T-Shirt Rocks Out 40

The Electric Guitar T-Shirt Rocks Out

I have purchased a few cool things from ThinkGeek. I had the marble roller coaster and I have definitely bought t-shirts from them. They have gone out of the box to make shirts that do more than just ‘be worn’. The Electric guitar shirt, for example, let’s you play music. It’s simplistic in nature, but just like anything, if you put your mind to it, you will be able to create a masterpiece. Something that will make the world stop for a second. O.K, maybe that’s a ways away. But for now, check out the Think Geek band playing “I...