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Superbowl Superheroes

The Superbowl is three days away. Yep. Just three days till we all get to gather ’round the HDTube with our salty snacks and beverages, and enjoy those great commercials! Better still are the special movie trailers that will be premiered! What’s up for 2013 you ask? Well…     IRON MAN 3, which comes out May 3rd. Easily the most anticipated movie this year, next to…     Star Trek Into Darkness, which has given BUZZ a new meaning. And soon, you will all be clamoring to find Sherlock, and see more of the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s role in this...

Hero Up or Shut Up! Superhero City 4

Hero Up or Shut Up! Superhero City

Well, I just have NO energy to beat down Farmville today– because I’ve been too busy playing Superhero City! Facebook’s place for superhero hi jinx, and no farming. A super hero sim with ’3D animated battles’, which is a BIT of a stretch. The fighting is pretty comic book-ish, and you have no control over the fight itself. You build and arm your hero, with missions, practice fighting, and a good ol-fashioned job. The facebook game Superhero City has a few things that make it stand out from other games. The battles actually unfold in front of you. Seeing both...

Superman and the Dark Knight 1,302

Superman and the Dark Knight

Superman has super powers. Batman has a cool suit. Superman has heat vision. Batman has a cool car. What Batman lacks in power, he makes up with money. Well, I call it as I see it. College Humor has a great 2 part animated short about the two superheros… and… huh? OH ALRIGHT! One superhero and a guy in a bat suit. Below is part 1. Hey Batman! Spare change?

Have No Fear – Captain Ozone is Here 3

Have No Fear – Captain Ozone is Here

In this world of Green, we need a hero that can fight for our environmental needs. Someone that will attack the bad people trying to warm the planet. All that while riding on a toilet. Enter in Captain Ozone. The Enviro-fighter extraordinaire. Dressed in Blue tights and dawning the yellow and black symbol, he will thwart all that try to poison our planet. Forget that “Captain Planet” guy. This guy is a lot cooler. He uses state of the art technology to watch our carbon levels and keep the planet enviro – friendly. So if you’re ever in need, why...

Playing for Keeps – a Podcast Novel 96

Playing for Keeps – a Podcast Novel

Do you love Graphic Novels? Are you a Superhero buff? Well on August 25th, you might want to head over to Amazon.com to download the newest graphic novel from Mur Lafferty. I could go on about it, but I think Murs’ Website at http://www.playingforkeepsnovel.com/ describes it perfectly: Playing for Keeps was delivered via podcast in audio and PDF form and will be available in print from Swarm Press August 25. It tells the story of Keepsie Branson, a bar owner in the shining metropolis of Seventh City: birthplace of super powers. Keepsie and her friends live among egotistical heroes and...