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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!! 299

Miley Cyrus Memes that Will Keep You Wondering What the Hell Happened

I am wondering if Billy-Ray Cyrus’ achy breaky heart is broken – or at least embarrassed – for what his daughter Miley did last night at the VMA Awards. But you know – that is OK. For we have people continually showing Billy Ray how Miley acted last night through memes. I found a few of them (big surprise, there!) for you to peruse. Skin tight – skin colored bikini and a girl half my age = Ummm, NO!  

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50 Years Of Time Travel Yeilds a Special Coin

This is the year of The Doctor. 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and in New Zealand, they are kicking it off with the issue of a commemorative two dollar coin.   Hitting a half century mark deserves a commemoration like this, and New Zealand felt they were the ones to make it happen, since their country was the first to see the series outside of the UK.   The coin will come in a Tardis-shaped container, (surprise!) and will launch at the World Money Fair in Berlin next week.   There will also be collectible coins available later in the...

Grumpy Cat Pasties 293

Grumpy Cat Nipple Pasties – Meme your Audience

If you are a fan of or a dancer in burlesque – we’ve got a fashion statement for you! It’s the Grumpy Cat Nipple tassles! Sold on ETSY, these paties cover the nipple and Areola with the latest Internet meme – Grumpy Cat. So when you are doing your act you can give the crowd a laugh with a surprise ending. The pasties are from Montabahn – makers of tassels and pasties for burlesque dancers.  The Grumpy Cat pasties are $45 and available for shipping.    

Let’s Go Dancin – FAWM 2009 94

Let’s Go Dancin – FAWM 2009

This is a “Got the music before the lyrics” song. Tried recording in a different way, so it will sound slightly different. Lyrics: Sittin at the homestead – Not sure what to do It’s a Friday night, the air feel right for a party with the group.