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The Disney Empire Strikes Back 13

Dorkazine Tribute to Lucasfilm – Disney Merger

Of course by now you have heard that the Disney Empire has taken over Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion dollars. It also means Episodes VII, VIII and IX will be in the works. This time with the Disney creative team manning the helm. Will we see a Lucas – envisioned Star Wars or will Disney bring it in a new direction. So far we have seen great spin-offs of Star Wars – most notably Clone Wars – that have really taken the Sci-Fi legacy in a new direction. Not to mention the LEGO Star Wars for the XBox and PS3 (and...

Zombie Jamboree 13

Zombie Jamboree

Well, maybe now I’ve seen it all? I think NOT! To go with your Bloody Shower Curtain, it’s a Zombie Jamboree! It’s in tribute to Harry Belafonte! Well, sort of. It will most likely be a theme to any new version of the Return of the Living Dead franchise. The Black and White look was hilarious, but every now and then a dancer hit the curtain, so you saw the background disappear. But who cares! It’s a Zombie Jamboree!