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How to Use HappySacs 880

HappySacs will make you Wonder Why You Ever Wore Underwear

I get a lot of press releases of which 95% get dismissed really quick. Sometimes there is one that makes you stop and go “What the F…!?!” Happysacs is one of them. It’s the Kickstarter for… your scrotum! Apparently to them, this thing is the most uncomfortable thing around. I have to admit – sometimes they get warm and sweaty. Sometimes I have to make adjustments. But I never thought of putting a HappySacs on them. The HappySac is simply a cloth bag with an elastic band around it. All you have to do is open it up and put...

Handerpants – The Underwear for your Hands 159

Handerpants – The Underwear for your Hands

When I first saw this I thought – Why? They’re like fingerless gloves, so why wouldn’t I get fingerless gloves? Then I realized that these were like a second glove to keep your hands warm. For that, I still said “WHY?” For $11.95 from Archie McPhee, you too can get a tidy-widy for the left and right hand. Just hope you don’t have a bully that gives you wedgies. I suppose a little extra work for him or her, but it may keep you away from a swirly or a noogie. Since the  handerpants are made of 95% cotton and...

Tighty Whitey Totes 8

Tighty Whitey Totes

Do you have a bag for everything? Do you like to match your bag with your shoes? Maybe you like to match your bra with your underwear. Well, why not match your underwear with your bag? David and Goliath have a rather interesting item in the Tighty Whitey Tote. It’s a bag fasioned out of a pair of underwear. Complete with a blue and red stripe strap / handle for the easy wedgie and an opening in front in case you need to go. Let’s just hope there are no skid marks inside. I think it only comes in white,...